Responsive CSS Grid wallboard

C’mon and squeeze me!

Fluid-responsive CSS Grid wallboard (no scaled images) with flexbox fallback

A wallboard of 12 stamps which fills all device widths up to 1844px without stretching or squeezing the images.

Ideally the images should be 604px wide but must have the minimum safe-area of 296px (320px - 2 * spacing).

The height of a single row image is completely variable.
The tall images are calculated as: (2 * single row height) + (1 * spacing).

Most images are cropped from the centre, though left or right is equally usable, and purely dependent on the location of the safe-area.
For example: “Mountain king” crops left and “Empty glass” crops right.

Stamps use the Vignette & Brightness hover effect.

Version of the wallboard without flexbox fallback: Fluid-responsive CSS Grid wallboard (no scaled images).